Working Outside: Take a Breath of Fresh Air

With the summer comes melting ice creams, cold drinks and barbecues on repeat, but it also brings along the opportunity to work outside. Something that many of us are longing for throughout the year. It’s the power of nature that’s calling. Perhaps this isn’t so odd when you think about it. Nature and greenery have shown to play a crucial role in our happiness and productivity at work.

Despite acknowledging all the advantages of moving outside once in a while – replacing the regular workstation with an outdoor one – most workspaces don’t offer the possibility for this nature-based integration. Therefore, the question is, how do you make the switch and take your work outdoors. We share a few ideas to help you get started.

Get outside and enjoy a fresh Breeze

Forget about bringing along your chair and desk outdoors. If you intend to work outside on a regular basis, find a more permanent solution for an outdoor workstation, for instance BuzziBreeze which has all the features of a picnic table as we know it. BuzziBreeze offers a great way to encourage spontaneous collaboration and conversation in an informal setting.

BuzziBreeze, working outside

BuzziBreeze at the University of Southern California


For once it’s okay to be shady

While we love the idea of working outside, too much sun can quickly come in the way of an otherwise enjoyable experience. Working directly in the sunlight is neither good for you nor productive with the glare of the sun on your laptop or phone. Find shade and take shelter in BuzziShed, protected from the sun and even the rain. Invite your colleagues outside for your next meeting.

BuzziShed, working outside

BuzziShed combined with BuzziBreeze, offering the perfect outdoor workstation


No space outside? Create an outdoor area indoor

With changing seasons, you might not have the opportunity to take your work outside every day. Or perhaps you don’t have a space available outside.  So why not create an outdoor area inside to enjoy nature and greenery  throughout the year. And yes, there are other ways to incorporate nature in the workspace apart from potted plants.

Different nature-inspired wall applications are great solutions to help solve the need for a greener scenery in your space, for instance BuzziSkin Printed. This noise absorbing wall cover comes in six different prints, including a jungle print and two different greens depending on how wild you want to go.

BuzziSkin Printed

Bringing in greenery to your space is a good first step towards creating an outdoor area inside, but why not go all the way once you’ve started. Get creative and bring in furniture that helps create that outdoor atmosphere too, for instance BuzziPicNic,which also comes in a round version, BuzziPicNic Round. At Office Lab in Zurich, Switzerland, they’ve successfully created an area – “Parks and Recreation” – where employees can relax in the swings or work at the BuzziPicNic table.


If you’re looking for something straight from nature, don’t forget we’re launching a new moss wall application this fall at Orgatec – BuzziMood.

In the end, it’s after all not so difficult to take your work outside, especially in a digital age where most of us are no longer caught up in heaps of paper. So, let’s move outside, take a breath of fresh air, do better work and be happy.