Trend – Go ahead, have a picnic in the office!

You will already be aware that Buzzispace is taking our offices to a new level. But BuzziSpace’s in-house designer Alain Gilles went a step further with the BuzziPicnic Table. Now you can work, have a meeting, stop for lunch or enjoy a beer with your co-workers at the same long multifunctional table. Open the windows and get the barbecue going!

The world’s first indoor picnic table is here.

Use it as a dining table for your colleagues, a temporary workstation, or simply as a fixed place in the office for holding meetings. The ways the indoor picnic table is used can evolve with the flow of office life, and it will give your workplace a much-needed dose of fun. After all, don’t we all spend more time at work than at home?

BuzziPicnic Desk by Alain Gilles

Following on from successful product launches like the BuzziHood and the BuzziHub, Alain Gilles has conjured up yet another revolution from his drawing board. ‘The idea was to rethink a design classic that reminds people of the fun times in life: a picnic table evokes memories of summer barbecues with friends. It is an uncomplicated, accessible object that brings people together informally. Something they don’t expect in the setting of a boring office environment. And of course, that is exactly why the product is Buzziproof,’ explains Alain Gilles with a grin.