Trend – Farm design: bringing the countryside into the office!

Even though we all love living in the city, we also hanker after fresh cow’s milk and spring pastures. As a result, our interiors are starting to look increasingly rustic and green. BuzziSpace – which closely follows the latest interior trends – has therefore come up with ‘farm design’! A great example is the BuzziMilk.


Unfinished wood, lots of green and noble materials in our interiors, the simple, delicious dishes of our grandmother’s generation on our plate: it’s no coincidence that these things are making a comeback now that life is becoming increasingly busy in our overpopulated cities.

Farm Design

It goes without saying that farm design suits the contemporary office perfectly. Offices and other collaborative spaces increasingly resemble cosy living rooms and the people who work there need elements that furnish the room and add character.


“We all want to move away from the boring,
purely functional offices we used to be
faced with every day”


“The former strict division into work and leisure time is now completely outdated”, says Steve Symons, founder and owner of BuzziSpace. These days, the office is a place where you work hard, but also where you can grow and develop. The workplace must therefore satisfy many human needs: social contact, meaning, personal development and time structuring. And it should preferably do all of this in a setting with interesting design.”



Alain Gilles – the star designer at BuzziSpace – has therefore come up with the BuzziMilk, a luxury designer stool that is reminiscent of the farmyard milking stools of days gone by. As a result, BuzziSpace is offering an interior object for the office that ties in seamlessly with the current interior trend of farm design.