Light + Building 2018: New Acoustic Lighting Solutions

You might already have seen several of the new acoustic lighting solutions we’re presenting this year at Light+Building. Perhaps you’ve even been by our booth to experience them first-hand. If not, we don’t want you to miss out. Here you’ll find an overview of all the new noise reducing lighting solutions we’ve recently added to our portfolio.

Ready to dive in?

Imaginary islands that will bring peace and quiet to your workspace

With its striking shape, the streamlined BuzziZepp LED creates structure in a space. The large, slim sound-absorbing panels with LED lines ensure minimal echo and adequate lighting, giving you a feeling of tranquility and security in the space. By making use of different colors you can visually partition the space into areas. Dim the lights to set a more relaxed tone at your next meeting, or brighten your workstation to focus on the task at hand.

Design by Alain Gilles



Aerodynamic noise regulating light

Reminiscent of the tubular shape of a propeller, BuzziProp LED is an aerodynamic design with great sound absorbing capabilities. With its minimal design, BuzziProp allows your mind to travel to an uninterrupted and balanced space, for improved concentration, productivity and focus at work.

Design by BuzziSpace Studio



Sculptural pendant enfolds silence and light

Traditional fashion design techniques, like smocking
and pleating, are reinterpreted with sound-absorbing BuzziFelt to create large architectural folds, which deliver exceptional acoustic performance. The suspended BuzziPleat LED configuration marries sound control and illumination. It is equipped with BuzziSol, a powerful LED light source. The dimmable warm light gives BuzziPleat an even greater sense of depth.

Design by 13&9 Design



Say goodbye to noisy environments, say hello to BuzziHat

Its unique hat-shaped design, combining an upholstered part with a metal shade is bound to steal the attention in any space. The upholstered foam body is available in a wide palette of color and fabric combinations, while the metal shade and ring come in 4 nishes (black, white, beige red and gold). BuzziHat is available in different sizes to t different sonic environments which makes it the ultimate acoustic lighting.

Design by Alain Gilles



A powerful acoustic circle of light

Wide in diameter, this cylindrical design allows sound waves to bounce back-and-forth within the radius of its circular body, and in turn mitigates noise. BuzziJet is considerable in size, yet appears lightweight and airy thanks to its upholstered foam core. Its soft presence evokes a majestic sense of serenity. Concealed inside the body, a powerful light source emits a functional, pleasant light.

Design by BuzziSpace Studio



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