Award #1, 2, 3, 4…

The preparations for this year’s show have been long underway. It all culminated the past few days when we won, not only one, but 8 awards:

  • Best Small Showroom and Best Overall Showroom by International Design Association (IIDA) and Contract Magazine
  • HiP Award Winner: BuzziPleat by 13&9 Design in the category ‘Accessories’
  • HiP Award Winner: Manufacturer of the Year
  • HiP Award Honoree: BuzziTrihex by Gerd Couckhuyt in the category ‘Workplace: Tables’
  • HiP Award Honoree: BuzziBounce by Gerd Couckhuyt in the category ‘Hospitality: Seating’
  • Best Of NeoCon Gold Award: BuzziPleat by 13&9 Design in the category ‘Acoustic Panels & Solutions’
  • #MetropolisLikes Winner: BuzziCane by DUM Office