8 Sound Absorbing Lighting Solutions That Never Go Out of Style

While welcoming new acoustic lighting solutions to our portfolio, we shouldn’t forget the existing range of best-seller products that have been fuelling our acoustic lighting journey up until now. Remember the first BuzziLight? Or the BuzziBell?

Let’s have a look at eight noise cancelling lighting solutions that never go out of style. First on the list is…

1. BuzziMoon

BuzziMoon answers the request of general lighting in the office space. With its sound absorbing body it scores high on acoustic performance. Here, BuzziMoon is seen in combination with wall-mounted BuzziBlox, BuzziTrihex and BuzziBounce. The LED module has an output of 2500 lumen at a tempature of 3000K which is ideal to focus and meet. BuzziMoon can be finished off in different fabrics to match your furniture and exists in various 3D patterns.



2. BuzziShade Standing

BuzziShade Standing is an oversized floor lamp that combines lighting with acoustic performance and a great design. It reduces external noise levels to a minimum and is extremely versatile. Here you see it in a residential setting, but it can also be a fantastic addition to a waiting room, office or restaurant.

BuzziShade Standing


3. BuzziBell

The meeting or dining room is a typical example where the right furniture, lighting and acoustics are necessary to make conversation between participants or guests clear and pleasant. Here, the designers opted for a black wooden BuzziPicNic combined with several colorful BuzziFloat chairs to add atmosphere. Thanks to the highly acoustic performing BuzziBell suspended from the ceiling this meeting room is also well-balanced and ensures perfect speech intelligibility.



4. BuzziClipse

BuzziClipse offers the best of both worlds: subtle backlighting and high acoustic performance. The frontpanel of BuzziClipse, designed to tackle noise issues in a room, is based on a highly finished aluminum frame housing the LED strip with an output of 870 lumen. Create your own unique wall feature while treating noise issues. This product is a true acoustical “eclipse”.



5. BuzziShade Pendant

The popular open-space model connects people. But at the same time noise can be a challenge. In this lobby setting, several BuzziShades beautifully fill the space, helping to minimize unwanted sounds travelling through the room. BuzziShade is designed with large-scale settings in mind.



6. BuzziChandelier

BuzziChandelier adds atmosphere to your room with artful shadows and softened sounds. Make a statement and opt for a printed version in Gold, Carrara and Emperador. At Orgatec, our bar was lit with 3 BuzziChandeliers hanging from the ceiling, perfectly improving high-pitched sounds of people talking and drinking.



7. BuzziLight Alhambra & Royal

BuzziLight Alhambra and Royal patterns are all from the award-winning BuzziFalls collection. The laser-cut felts make a dramatic statement with artful shadows and softened sounds like here in our showroom in Aachen, Germany. BuzziLight is an ideal design statement and acoustic solution for offices, restaurants, hotels, institutions, residences and more.

BuzziLight Alhambra


8. BuzziLight Mono

BuzziLight Mono is a striking phenomenon. The strips of sound absorbing felt are fixed around a steel structure, allowing this light object to take on different shapes. Combine several to create a unique scenery or use the BuzziLight on its own as the ultimate attention grabber.

BuzzLight Mono