Sound absorbing dividing screen

The folding screen has come back into fashion with a bang! The BuzziScreen is a contemporary take on the flexible room divider with all sorts of advantages. For example, it can be extended infinitely: the handy recycled zipper system makes it easy for you to add panels. Just like with other BuzziSpace products, you can pin objects, photos or letters to the screen, and of course it works as sound absorption as well. Divide your office or room however you want, wherever you want!

Design by Sas Adriaenssens


BuzziScreen Mix – Sound absorbing sound screen with different heights

The BuzziScreen Mix combines different heights and fabrics to vibrant effect. Alongside, the regular BuzziFabrics (and select collections by Kvadrat) give a great edge to the end result. Add industrial zippers and this is not your average room divider, but a true designer piece. Of course, this room divider wouldn’t be BuzziSpace if it didn’t have acoustic qualities. The
panel is covered with absorbent foam and fabric to reduce noise and high-pitched sounds.




  • Outside: cover of felt
  • Inside: honeycomb cardboard
  • Rubber strip


  • Screens to be connected with zippers
  • It is recommended not to put several BuzziScreens in one straight line (go zigzag!)


  • BuzziFelt | BuzziFabric | BuzziTerra | BuzziTartan
  • BuzziFoot: extrasupportBuzziScreen
    metal powdercoated, RAL 9005 black or RAL 9006 silvergrey