Standing work stations are the new superfoods

You’ve probably heard that sitting all day is disastrous for your health. More and more studies show that there are associations between sedentary work and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But just how long do you need to spend standing up at your desk to see health benefits? A new study from Australia suggests that replacing 2 hours of sitting a day with standing may improve people’s blood sugar, cholesterol levels and waistlines. Besides preventing complaints, standing work would also have a positive effect on concentration, energy levels, creativity and productivity.  Enough reasons to integrate standing work stations, time for a change!


The importance of a flexible working environment and architectural freedom in offices continues to rise. Fortunately Buzzispace is always one step ahead. Check out our standing work stations to create a healthy working environment!



In order to adapt to the many different situations which occur in current collaborative work environments, the table comes in many different versions. From large meeting tables to narrow desk versions. The BuzziPicnic is available in many different heights, where you can gather with colleagues to have lunch or to have a meeting. With BuzziFlipFlop you can create your own standing work stations.


For ultimate flexibility you can combine the high and low desk version of the BuzziPicnic. Switching between working heights has never been that easy!


The BuzziVille collection offers, in addition to many different set ups and options for expansion, also different working heights. The workstations and desks can be placed at different levels, so standing meetings can be easily alternated with a sitting session.


The variety is not only great for the office landscape, but also, it seems, for your health.