Pushing the boundaries of today’s workplace

BuzziSpace has always had a penchant for picnics, which is why it created the BuzziPicNic. This prize-winning indoor table has all the nostalgic design features of a traditional picnic table. The Belgian company Cassecroute also designs amazing outdoor picnic tables, made of wood and aluminium and had been in BuzziSpace’s sights for quite some time. Their love of outdoor living inspired them to create something together to keep employees fresh and inspired in an informal and friendly outdoor setting. Why stay in that stuffy office on gorgeous summer days? All you need is the perfect outdoor furniture, which is where BuzziSpace steps in with its outdoor collection: Live | Work , no boundaries. 

Designed in partnership with Belgian-based Cassecroute, BuzziSpace has answered the call for an outdoor workstation that captures the collaborative needs of the modern workplace: BuzziBreeze. With a modern take on the traditional farm table, the BuzziBreeze is a striking design, simple yet highly functional. Integrating both work and social space, this versatile outdoor system provides new options for how and where work gets done.


What’s more, BuzziBreeze fits just perfectly under the BuzziShed. This perfectly designed environment allows you to take your work outside: the ideal solution for an outdoor meeting! It’s structure offers shade and protection from natural elements to ensure the outdoor working environment is comfortable and usable. You can work or stay outside in this stylish outdoor shed. The BuzziShed can also be used as a garden shed on cool or rainy days or to create meeting spots in a large open space.


Like all BuzziSpace products, the BuzziBreeze and BuzziShed are highly customizable as they offer modular sizing, with a variety of lengths.