Project in the spotlight – HAVN CoWork

BuzziSpace designed a variety of micro-environments — allowing to work, collaborate, chat, interact, rest, socialize in both vertical and horizontal concepts — at HAVN CoWork, a new CoWorking space in Antwerp.

HAVN CoWork is a new idea of Steve Symons, founder of BuzziSpace. The idea grew from the urge and interest to understand how the future generations will work, collaborate, engage and interact. HAVN CoWork redefines the way we work. By surrounding ourselves with like-minded people we are inspired and motivated to do better and aim higher. CoWorking makes collaborations and connections with other industries easier. It is like a “HAVN” where you can dock for a short or long term to work, meet or gather.

HAVN CoWork believes their surroundings have a great impact on how their clients work, connect and collaborate. They are determined to create the ultimate office environment that attracts starting and growing businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, … who value high-end design and functionality. Can you spot the BuzziSpace products?

Featured BuzziSpace products: BuzziCube, BuzziLand, BuzziBox, BuzziBlox, BuzziFalls, BuzziFlipFlop, BuzziJungle and BuzziVille.

Location: Ankerui 20/5, 2000 Antwerp – – WWW.HAVN.BE