Discover BuzziSpace at Orgatec 2018

We invite you to experience the world of BuzziSpace at Orgatec 2018. Discover how we work and think differently, and the philosophy that has been fueling our 10-year journey, “Happy and Healthy Workspaces”.
Join us for an acoustic experience and discover our solutions for happy healthy workspaces.

At this year’s Orgatec, we take our portfolio to new heights and address the importance of sound, light and nature on human experience at work. Inspired by ecology, we dive into the concept of microenvironments to create happy, healthy workspaces that answer the differing demands within a working environment while balancing sound, light and air.

Within a workspace, we consider microenvironments as small, distinct zones separated from their nearby environments by a variety of characteristics such as level of privacy, lighting, type of seating and workstation. These are just some of the defining characteristics, and as you will see throughout the next pages and at the 600m2 setup at Orgatec, there are several ways to create such microenvironments in your space—especially with the new solutions, including BuzziBracks and BuzziSpark.

At the fair, you can experience these two new launches along with several others in a range of inspirational settings to work, focus, relax, lounge or meet as you navigate from one environment to the other. Also, remember to pass by the Light+Silence area, where we’re presenting our multi-faceted acoustic lighting solutions, each carefully engineered to pair quality light and effective sound-absorption — two key factors for creating a well-balanced space.

Finally, don’t forget to make a stop at the two Acoustic Rooms to discover reallife the power of light and sound. What’s new at Orgatec is that we have equipped one room with acoustic lighting only while, the other room, is furnished with acoustic solutions exclusively — once and for all helping everyone to fully understand the difference between good and poor acoustics.

We’re beyond excited to welcome you, visitors, partners, colleagues and BuzziFriends at Orgatec.

Orgatec, Cologne
23 – 27 October
Hall 10.2. P040 N041 & P050 N051

orgatec 2018