Never take acoustics for granted

NeoCon is not only about new product releases. Attendees can also join keynote sessions and seminars of their own choosing – one of which is hosted by our Global Acoustic Ambassador, Daniel Verlooven.

Monday and Tuesday during NeoCon, Daniel hosted a CEU Seminar with the topic; Demystifying Acoustics. Both sessions were completely sold out! Before he took the stage, we asked him which role acoustics play in creating a happy and healthy workspace!

However, the answers as to how such happy and healthy workspaces are created differ. Therefore, the first question we asked Daniel was:

What do happy and healthy workspaces mean to you?

“A happy and healthy workspace is like the space we’re standing in right here. It’s a natural extension of our natural habitat.  People spend 8-10 hours a day with their colleagues – more time than they actually spend with their family. Therefore, we should give them the opportunity to create the same environment they would live and work in at home and offer them the chance to choose the level of privacy, focus and concentration they want.

A healthy workspace? It’s very simple. We’re closely related to our ancestors; the cavemen. They benefited from three natural elements: air, light and sound. If you look at the way we work nowadays, we’re sitting under artificial light, artificial sound, and artificial air. Therefore, we really have to prioritize those three natural elements when we design a space.

In that way, air, light and sound are essential elements when it comes to creating a happy and healthy workspace.”

Which role does acoustics play in creating a happy and healthy workspace?

“Acoustics are one of those crucial elements we should bear in mind when designing a space. People need their own privacy and focus. They want the sound of their voice to be as natural as possible. Therefore, we really need to bring in the right treatment, for instance free-standing elements, elements hanging from the wall, from the ceiling. Such elements will help make sure there’s the least reverberation as possible when people are talking to each other or hear some chatty colleagues. In other words, they will help avoid the sound traveling around the entire space.”

What are some of the myths about acoustics in workspaces?

“Myths also exist when talking about acoustics. For instance, people often just randomly apply products because they think a small panel or a curtain will do something about acoustics. And, of course, everything surrounding us; each object, each material, even people will, to a certain extent, reflect and absorb sound. Still, it’s very important to get a specialist on site to measure what the actual sound issue is in order to find a good formula and the right solution. So when it comes to myths from an acoustics perspective, the biggest myth is that people just randomly apply things and probably often create more harm in a workspace than they would do without actually touching it.” 

Not yet convinced about the necessity for installing acoustic elements in your workspace?

Then watch this short video and experience the impact of acoustic solutions in our acoustic room at NeoCon!