NeoCon 2017: New product releases

During the NeoCon show this year, we invited several new additions to the BuzziFamily. If you didn’t have the chance to discover our new products in Chicago, we give you here a product overview of all the new releases we presented at NeoCon 2017.

Please, take a seat!

Look no further in your search for workplace happiness. The answer is right under you…literally. At NeoCon we introduced 5 new seating installations that undoubtedly will bring joy and well-being (back) into your workspace. Let’s present you to:

  1. BuzziFloat by Alain Gilles
  2. BuzziNordic ST200 by Stäffan Thomasen
  3. BuzziBalance High by 13&9 Design
  4. BuzziCane by DUM Office
  5. BuzziBounce by Gerd Couckhuyt

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

We introduce you to the first mirror in our product line. BuzziMirage, designed by Alain Gilles, gives you the illusion of a door opening towards another world. However, it will not give you an easy escape – only the idea of it. Because that’s what it’s all about: false perspectives and impressions and confused perceptions. BuzziMirage is available in two sizes; a large and a small version. Choose depending on the illusion you want to create.

Architectural acoustics

For some, acoustic solutions might connote dull and inelegant designs. Well, only for the ones that haven’t yet explored our acoustic solutions and especially the newest addition to the family: BuzziPleat.

This is a series of architectural solutions by 13&9 Design, delivering light and sound control to help you create the optimal acoustics in your workspace or at home. With its reinterpretation of ancient techniques used in fashion design, like smocking and pleating, BuzziPleat proves that acoustic solutions can also be innovative, yet refined and sophisticated.

Turn down the volume from above

Sounds impossible? With BuzziBaffle everything is possible. This acoustic solution is engineered to solve the toughest high-frequency sound issues, and with its modular and scalable design, it’s adaptable to any space. BuzziBaffle comes in two styles: BuzziBaffle Straight and BuzziBaffle Wave. No matter which style you choose, you’re guaranteed a solution to your acoustic problems.

Rethinking round

Functionality and elegance do not always go hand in hand. BuzziTrihex is the exception. The original round table as we all know it has been rethought. The outlines have been tuned, revealing soft edges, which translates into a distinctive design language making BuzziTrihex a unique piece of furniture.

It comes in two sizes, one rounded and the other rectangular. Find your perfect fit right here. Design by Gerd Couckhuyt.

Ready to go for a spin?

A joy that is shared is a joy made double! That’s how the saying goes, and with BuzziSuzzi, designed by BuzziSpace Studio, you can make it come true. This rotating tray with a firm wooden surface makes it easier than ever to share food and office supplies with your colleagues, friends and family. BuzziSuzzi is available in all BuzziPicNic finishes to form a perfect match with the PicNic family.