Love at first sight in France: BuzziVirgule

A spontaneous and unexpected partnership with Alice Monnier and Bernard Colomo, hoteliers of B&B Mas de L’Amarineand and founders of StudioFanFan, led to the creation of three new products: BuzziBibiche, a unique deer-shaped ice bucket; BuzziPoint, a flexible occasional table; and BuzziVirgule, a modular table

An artistically inspired party table that expands with your guest list!

Originally created for a renowned B&B in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France, BuzziVirgule was designed by hoteliers from B&B Mas de L’Amarine and founders of StudioFanFan.


Alice Monnier and Bernard Coloma were looking for a table that was both unique and flexible. It had to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and expandable when needed for their guests at the B&B. This resulted in a versatile table shaped like a comma.


One table can host between one and five guests. When expanded with another table in a Yin Yang shape, it can host between six and nine guests. Its convivial colours and round legs, combined with its fresh shape, results in a versatile, lively table for multipurpose use.