Light & Acoustics: Essential for Wellbeing

At BuzziSpace it is all about happy and healthy workspaces. This means caring for workers and contributing to a pleasant working environment. Both acoustics and lighting influence the personal wellbeing and health and are therefore the main contributors to a positive workspace.

With the launch of BuzziLight in 2008 BuzziSpace took its first steps into the world of ‘Acoustic Lighting’. Nowadays we offer a full range, from decorative to functional lighting. Crucial in space planning is considering all relevant variables that affect sound and illumination, preferably from the early start of a project.

The BuzziShade Standing is a perfect example and offers decorative lighting while reducing external noise levels to a minimum. The standing version is ideal to add in any waiting room, hotel lobby or even at home to create that perfect hide away. Be creative by adding a layer of colorful fabric to the BuzziFelt shades.

Check out some pictures of our other products below.