Jihaa, welcome to the Wild West of BuzziSpace!

Farm and western, how does this apply to the office? Well if you take a look at the BuzziSpace stand at IMM Cologne 2015, you will feel anywhere but in the office. The new products shown at the fair breathe fun, free time and a touch of western. And more good news: as a ‘Winner’ of the Interior Innovation Award, a prize awarded by IMM Cologne and the German Design Council, the BuzziPicNic is on display all week in a special exhibition with the fifteen winning, innovating interior products.

We spend so many hours at the office, we don’t want it to feel like work. How great would it be if it could feel like leisure-time? That’s the BuzziSpace philosophy and with that I mind the Belgian company launches designs of office and retail to bring fun and domesticity into the workspace. At IMM Cologne you can spot a little western-trend as an original way to feel anywhere but in the office. Think lots of calfskin, raw wood, the previously launched BuzziSpace Legends-collection and cactuses…

“We spend so many hours at the office,
we don’t want it to feel like work”



An acoustic panel is a very practical way to make an empty office building better on the level of sounds and noise. To add some fun to that, BuzziSpace used the trendy shape of cactus to brighten things up. The cactus-shaped panels come in three shapes with appropriate names: BuzziCactus Taco, TexMex and Gringo. They are clothed in BuzziFrabric and have soundabsorbend qualities. Little plastic needles add a comic touch and make them more realistic.


Another playful variation to divide a space and add acoustic quality.

The successful BuzziPicNic-family is now available in a new colour and a new size. The Ash White Wash finishing is the lightest colour in the collection and gives the tables a touch of summer.


The new addition of the desk-version, the BuzziPicNic Side now has a Low version with a normal working height of 75 cm. Previously only the High version was available.


The acoustic BuzziSpace lamp, the BuzziShade Pendant is now introduced with an extra layer of BuzziFabric. This makes for a dynamic bi-colour effect.

Winner Interior Innovation Award

The prestigious Interior Innovation Award is an initiative by the fair IMM Cologne and the German Design Council. Together they pick fifteen truly innovative designs in the design field. These fifteen ‘Winners’ are on display in a special exhibition during the fair in Cologne. BuzziPicNic, the desk by Alain Gilles that brings leisure and fun into the office, is among the winners.