Feel at home with BuzziSpace

Who says BuzziSpace products don’t fit in a residential setting? Discover our BuzziFloat, BuzziTotem, BuzziMilk Bar, BuzziPouf, BuzziBalance, BuzziCactus and BuzziBalance Board in this inspiring villa of an Antwerp vintage lover.

BuzziFloat is an intentionally simple design that blends into its surroundings. This transparent chair is engineered to feel spacious and airy and has a strong graphic personality that will give your dining room that extra touch. (image 1)

BuzziTotem is our peak acoustical performance product. Thanks to its small footprint, it is easy to add in existing rooms with sound issues. It’s the ideal partner to improve the sound system in your home, especially if you want to create good acoustics for your home cinema. (image 2)

This rustic-meets-modern take on the old farmhouse favorite would even make your grandma feel nostalgic. BuzziMilk Bar is the perfect bar stool to create a warm and cozy feeling. It fits perfectly with your kitchen counter. (image 3)

BuzziPouf is available in a round or square version and can be used as a seating element or a side table. By choosing different fabrics from our collection you can create a distinctive style. (image 4)

While standing, BuzziBalance Board becomes a muscle activator. As one balances on the wooden-carved rocking board for a few moments, the mind and body are awakened. (image 5)

The BuzziCactus is a charming room divider that provides great sound absorption. No need to water the plants and a playful eye-catcher in the room. (image 6)

Move your body, move your mind. BuzziBalance is a non-traditional seating element with a high absorption performance. Nice to put in the hallway of your house or in the nursery. (image 7)