Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

From 24 to 26 May 2016, Clerkenwell will be celebrating what it is known for. The seventh edition of Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) promises to be the most ambitious celebration to date of this exceptionally creative London area. BuzziSpace will also be present at this world-class design showcase.

Visitor experience 

Last year, the design community flocked to the festival in droves. Some 35,400 visitors and more than 300 exhibiting brands enjoyed three days of fantastic events. This year will be no different, with showroom events, pop-up exhibitions and installations as well as small-scale initiatives taking place throughout the area.

The best of London

With installations and live events at about 120 different locations, CDW is one of Europe’s most prestigious design events. Thanks to the impressive amount of creativity on display CDW has established itself as a major event in London’s design calendar. At the end of May 2016, hundreds of new products will be launched, from small home accessories to big investment pieces.

BuzziSpace is right at home among all this incredibly creative talent. This year, the brand will be opening its London showroom at 9-10 Charterhouse Buildings, Clerkenwell Design District, London EC1M 7AN to the public.

Things to do

During Clerkenwell Design Week, the completely restyled BuzziSpace showroom will be the backdrop for several Acoustic Breakfast Sessions on the subject: Discover the basics of room acoustics: the essentials. You can sign up for one of these sessions by sending an email to, stating the date and time of the Breakfast Session you would like to attend. Please note: places are limited to a maximum of 20 participants.


Start time: 08:30 am – end time: 9:00 am

Start time: 09:30 am – end time: 10:00 am


Start time: 08:30 am – end time: 9:00 am

Start time: 09:30 am – end time: 10:00 am


Start time: 08:30 am – end time: 9:00 am

Start time: 09:30 am – end time: 10:00 am

Things to see

BuzziSpace, an international trendsetter in the world of office design, is widely praised for its interpretation of collaborative spaces. Unsurprisingly, the 3.0 office experience is central to the brand’s design philosophy. The BuzziSpace showroom in Clerkenwell, London has been completely revamped especially for the occasion of Clerkenwell Design Week.

Apart from classics and bestsellers such as BuzziNordic and BuzziVille, you will also discover new products at CDW – including the BuzziFalls Rails, the new Pebbles pattern, and the BuzziNordic Ottoman.

BuzziFalls Pebbles + Rail

The first series of acoustic panels in the BuzziFalls line, by Belgian designer Sas Adriaenssens, exuded a natural and cosmopolitan feel, whereas the new Pebbles series has a more organic look. The pattern is fairly transparent, allowing light to pass through. Ideal for creating a connection, while providing a separate space at the same time.

What’s more, BuzziFalls is more flexible than ever. Thanks to the BuzziFalls Rails, the acoustic panels can be easily slid open and shut. This way, they can serve as a decorative room divider or a highly effective sound management tool.

BuzziNordic + Ottoman

‘Bringing the home to the office’ was BuzziSpace’s motto when it launched the BuzziNordic series by Stäffan Thomasen. By designing beautiful and comfortable pieces of furniture for office use, the brand contributes to the atmosphere of the workplace. The chair has since undergone quite a few transformations. Vibrant colour was applied to the wood, for instance, while the upholstery was also given a brightly coloured makeover (in collaboration with Danish company Kvadrat). During CDW, various lacquered versions, as well as the BuzziNordic Ottoman, will be displayed.


The most modular work environment ever, created by Belgian designer Alain Gilles, is a landscaping office which offers a wide range of options to expand or contract your workspace to your liking. BuzziVille evolves seamlessly with the needs and flow of the workplace. During CDW, a small setup of the acoustically high-performing BuzziVille will be exhibited.