BuzziSpace wins prestigious interior design prize for BuzziFalls


Hooray! BuzziSpace recently pocketed the Oscar of the design world: the Interior Design Best of Year Award in the category ‘Partitions and Wall Systems’ was awarded to BuzziFalls, a playful solution to regulate noise. Just as last year’s Interior Design Best of Year Awards, the tenth edition was also held in the imposing IAC Building in New York. More than 975 renowned designers attended the presentation of the winning designs.

BuzziFalls is an acoustic solution that can be felt. You can take that literally: made from BuzziFelt, these panels are available in a wide variety of cut-out patterns. How about a panel showing scenes from nature, or falling leaves? Other patterns make a reference to art, architecture or urban skylines. These functional panels are intended to be used as room dividers—ideal for open-plan offices—and to dampen noise, while adding an artistic element that can serve as a decorative statement for any space.