BuzziSpace philosophy: an innovative, global approach

Previously, the world of office design was not somewhere you expected to find innovative concepts and spectacular new developments. Seven years ago, we thought things should be different. We set out to conquer the world with our range of acoustic and innovative office furniture. These days, BuzziSpace has become an internationally known lifestyle brand with innovative products and high-profile launches.

Global outlook

‘Think global, act global.’ This has been our motto since the start and it has definitely paid off: we are an international player with sales markets in Europe, the US and Asia. As well as the production facility in the Netherlands, since 2014 there has also been a unit in the US and people work for our company on every continent. Our plans for the future include a production location in Asia for the local market.

Fairness and sustainability

BuzziSpace grew out of the demand for affordable, high-quality acoustic products for workspaces. By offering a good price, good design and high-performance products, the brand became an immediate success. We believe in a reasonable price which is achieved by providing actual value, and not in artificial exclusivity by driving up prices. If the product and the price are right, this will create sustainable results. This open, transparent outlook characterises our approach to every area of our business. We feel that honesty and fairness produce the longest-lasting results.


For us, innovation always takes precedence. We don’t just think outside the box for our designs and acoustic products, we have also launched collections which went completely against the current but created a genuine trend in the office landscape. Work should be fun and because people spend so much time at the office, it’s important for them to feel at home there. ‘Home-ification of the office’ and ‘Farm Design’ are good examples of this, and we are even taking things a step further with the new BuzziSpace Outdoor & Fun collection. We are adding an extra dimension. With this thought in mind, we are currently working on the next step in our lighting collection.


BuzziSpace makes the working environment fun. Work hard but make sure you play hard too, because that’s what life is all about. We work and play hard to make sure we are always a few steps ahead and constantly innovating. With respect for all and a healthy dose of BuzziLove.