BuzziSpace at NeoCon 2017

At NeoCon 2017 on both the first and the 10th floor of the Merchandise Mart, BuzziSpace will realize its comprehensive approach to design for happy, healthy living, incorporating a range of furniture options, and serious acoustic solutions.

In our showroom, you can experience Happy & Healthy Workspaces through a series of settings that recreate the feeling of a true Trophy Office. Don’t forget to also check out The Lounge on the ground floor!

Next to that, acoustics is what it all started with and still our driving force. It’s a key influence to well-being for workers all around the globe and that’s why we also bring you Acoustics – The Originals. This is a limited time exhibit and lab, which will honor our origin as one of the first to bring stylish, yet functional acoustic solutions to the market.

To fully understand the difference between good and bad acoustics we offer you a tour through our acoustic rooms. The first one is empty and sounds will reflect all over the place. In the second room we have placed some of our high performance acoustic products to create a well-balanced space.

Get ready to experience all of this at The Mart in Chicago, June 12-14 and check out some first pictures of our booth below!