BuzziFalls Rail – available now

Known for our range of design-forward acoustic solutions, we have updated the BuzziFalls collection with a new capability that allows greater flexibility.

BuzziFalls Rail enables BuzziFalls, the acoustical panels to be slid with ease — creating moveable room dividers that shift from private to public space.

Running on a single three-meter track, panels slide from left to right. To create the effect of sliding doors, install two layers of parallel tracks for the rails. BuzziFalls can be attached directly to the surface of the track rail or suspended to reveal either a black or white rail.

The entire BuzziFalls collection—featuring myriad patterns from organics to geometrics—is available with BuzziFalls Rail.

Special attention for the following
1. Shorter length BuzziFalls Skylines are newly available
2. The new pattern Pebbles listed in the Product Specification Sheet will only be available from NeoCon 2016 on.

Good to know
– 3 models : Rail with 1 fall – Rail with 2 falls – Rail with 3 falls
– Rail is always 320 cm / 125,98 inches long
– Rail is available in black or white
– Endcaps are included in the package
– Falls can be mounted direct on the rail or suspended on the rail
– NEW extra rail for extension is also available

How to order
– Choose your fall pattern + color felt + color profile
– Choose your fixing system: cable suspended or wall/ceiling mounted
– Choose your rail model + rail color
– Additionally choose ‘extra rail of 320 cm / 125,98 inches’

More information on our product page and in the price list.