Bold colors as a design statement

Karen Choi, architect, director and co-founder of EMKC designed the EMKC Innovation Hub in Melbourne. EMKC is a unique property and investment services firm that specialises in assisting clients establish and grow throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Karen is a big fan of BuzziSpace and used the BuzziTiles & BuzziFalls in her design. We asked her a few questions:

How did you approach the design?

“The design intent was to embrace the building’s rich history whilst transforming the space into a contemporary, energetic and green office. This space demonstrates how textures, colours and greenery can work together to transform a seemingly standard space into something unique.”

Were there specific acoustical or functional needs?

“The building’s original brick and exposed concrete ceiling are key elements of the brutalist era, however they compromised the acoustic quality of the space. We integrated the BuzziTiles and BuzziFalls into the design in order to help reduce the reverberation of sound and enhance the space visually. Both products are also made from recycled materials which aligns with EMKC’s vision and their sustainability initiative.”

Why did you choose the BuzziTiles?

“Traditionally, creating an acoustically balanced workplace involves covering the floor and ceiling in sound absorbing materials, i.e. carpet and ceiling tiles. BuzziTiles and BuzziFalls breaks this tradition allowing the walls to act in this fashion, dramatically reducing the reverberation of sound and complementing the use of double glazed partitions for all meeting rooms.

BuzziTiles are one of the most versatile products in the market, they can be installed on any surface and by anyone. The combination of 3D patterns, varying fabrics and colour work magic to any space and add another dimension to the design. BuzziTiles help improve acoustic quality whilst providing visual impact and the sensation of unique textures. There is no particular theory on how the BuzziTiles’ pattern and colour should be located. This means they work with any colour scheme and there is a great variety to choose from.”

How important is color in your design?

“The selection of BuzziTiles in the EMKC Innovation Hub was strategic, with the colour pallet of the tiles acting as a crucial element of the design. Each colour has a psychological value, influences emotions and creates atmosphere in the space.

Lime green, yellow and orange were chosen to be the accent colours as lime green is EMKC’s corporate colour, it is considered as a restful colour and has a calming effect, whilst yellow captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness. Orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm, key emotional elements of a working environment that is fun and energetic.

The 3D patterns are chosen to compliment the colours of each BuzziTile. Firstly, the feature pieces, including the Leaf pattern in green and the Bee hive pattern in yellow. These pieces are then balanced with, the simple four square pattern in orange, twenty-five square in light grey and finally Frost in dark grey.

BuzziFabric was chosen as the preferred finish for all BuzziTiles as it allowed for the greatest diversity in colour and best maintained consistency within the space.”

BuzziTiles & BuzziFalls in EMKC Innovation Hub