Acoustics – New arrivals

These new acoustics are a playful solution to regulate sounds. The acoustic attenuation, diffusion & absorption prevents eavesdroppers from hearing your most private or intimate conversations, and reduces external noise levels – the music and the general hustle and bustle – to a minimum.


The room dividers BuzziFrio Machu and BuzziFrio Pichu remind with their shapes of the rocky mountains of Peru and thus make the office feel like a wide landscape. The playful shapes and matching colour tones add that touch of humour to an office that we so very much appreciate at BuzziSpace. Next to that BuzziFrio is perfect to divide a large space and regulate acoustics. Because BuzziFrio exists of three panels closely together, it has a larger surface and therefore higher sound regulating effect in a space. BuzziFrio is offered in the regular BuzziFabrics and can also be covered with some Kvadrat collections.


To divide a space and create some privacy, the BuzziFalls are a new playful variation in our acoustic solutions gamma. These strips are made out of BuzziFelt with cut out shapes in various patterns, for example falling leaves. A playful solution to regulate sounds and create smaller area’s in big spaces.

Why stick to New York or Chicago when there are so many more beautiful skylines in the world? Discover the Eiffel Tower in the skyline of Paris or spot the Big Ben looking at London’s most striking contours. San Francisco didn’t get left behind and stunned us too with its impressive skyline that we cut out the sound regulating BuzziFalls to lift up every space.


BuzziLight Mono

An addition to the collection of the BuzziLight for people who know exactly what they want: BuzziLight Mono. Instead of two colours of felt you opt for one colour in- and outside. Straight forward in one style and ready for the future, because the new version comes with a LED bulb. The products have a decorative lighting effect as well as acoustic performance.

This picture shows the BuzziLight, which is now also available in single layer.

BuzziScreen Mix

One of our most practical room dividers just got a bit more exciting. The new BuzziScreen Mix combines different heights and fabrics for a vivid effect. Next to the regular BuzziFabrics, the (selected) collections by Kvadrat give a great edge to the end result. Together with the industrial zippers this is not your average room divider, but a true designer piece. Of course, this room divider wouldn’t be a Buzzi if it didn’t have acoustic qualities. The panel is covered with absorbing foam and fabric to reduces noises and high sounds.