Sliced BuzziFelt

Nothing goes to waste

What to do with the leftovers of already recycled materials? For the BuzziFelt leftovers, BuzziSpace thought of the perfect solution: Sliced BuzziFelt! Felt trimmings are cut up and processed into colourful, randomly striped patterns that find their way as new products of the BuzziSwitch collection. Recycling this way becomes upcycling and Sliced BuzziFelt is the perfect addition to the BuzziSpace natural way of life.

Multicolor patterns
Grass: LightBlue | Lime | OffWhite
Toendra: LightBlue | Lime | StoneGrey
Savannah: LightBlue | Orange | EcoBrown
Colibri: LightBlue | Pink | StoneGrey
Zebra: OffWhite | StoneGrey | Anthracite
Tukan: Lime | Orange | Red | Pink |EcoBrown | LightBlue | StoneGrey | Anthracite | OffWhite | Curry
Jane: Anthracite | Red | StoneGrey |EcoBrown | OffWhite | White
Sigma: Anthracite | Orange | StoneGrey |EcoBrown | OffWhite | White


Composition 100% Recycled P.E.T. Felt

Maintenance Vacuum clean regularly. Don’t wash. Don’t remove the Sliced BuzziFelt from the product. Treat spillages immediately. Professional dry clean or wipe clean with a pH neutral soap and a damp cloth.