Leather – Vegetal

Pure nature from Scandinavia

An aniline leather with a extremely good touch. The grain structure of the hide is completely flat. Normal life markings such as healed scars, neck wrinkles, scratches certify the authenticity of BuzziLeather and show all the positive properties of a product left in its natural state.


Leather – Vegetal


Raw material Scandinavian Bullhides

Thickness 1,2 – 1,4 mm | 0.047 – 0.055 inch

Surface Pure Aniline


  • EU: EN 1021.1 – BS 5852 PART 1 (cigarette)
  • EN 1021.2 – BS 5852 PART 1 (match)
  • USA: CAL TB 117

Fastness to light EU: 3 Blue Scale (72h exposition)

Fastness to rubbing EU: Wet: 20 cycles/3 | Dry: 50 cycles/3 Sweat: 20 cycles/3


  • Tear resistance: >20N or 10N/mm thickness
  • Tensile: >20N/mmq
  • Elongation: 40-70%

Match Normal life markings (scars, wrinkles, scratches) certify the authenticity of the leather.

Maintenance Dust with a soft cloth regularly. Don’t expose to direct sunlight. Be careful with sharp objects. Spills should be blotted with a soft absorbent cloth. Don’t rub. Never use detergents, shoepolish, alkalized products.