CAT C – Tartan

Wool is back

Wool is storming its way back and riding high in the flight to authenticity, provenance and environmental consciousness.

Not only is the world falling back in love with wool, but traditional tweeds, plaids, checks and tartans are in high demand from soft furnishings to high fashion

The 11 Amazing Benefits of Wool:

  • Wool resists wrinkles
  • Wool has balanced thermal insulation properties
  • Wool is hypoallergenic
  • It absorbs harmful pollutants
  • Dust mites don’t like wool
  • Wool is naturally anti-static
  • Easily cleaned
  • Wool is naturally flame resistant
  • Wool is a naturally renewable fibre
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable
  • Quality built in

Wool is a remarkable natural fibre with many outstanding and unique qualities.


Composition 100% Wool, color specific composition

Weight 475 g/m² | 14.01 oz/yd²

Width 137 cm | 53.94”

Abrasion resistance 30.000 Martindale, 20.000 Wyzenbeek

Flammability EU: BS 5852 CRIB 5 | BS 5867 PART 2 : 2008 : TYPE B

EN 1021.2/2006


Fastness to light EU: 5 | USA: 5

Fastness to rubbing EU: Wet 4 | Dry 4

Fastness to crocking USA: Wet 4.5 | Dry 4.5

Match Weight ±5% | Width ±2%

Maintenance Vacuum clean regularly. Don’t wash. Don’t remove the BuzziTartan from the product. Treat spillages immediately. Professional dry clean or wipe clean with a pH neutral soap and a damp cloth.

Due to dimensional products we are upholstering, there can be areas where the pattern does not allign.