The Art of Illusion

BuzziMirage is about reflections, false perspectives and fake shadows. The mirrors act as a “trompe l’oeil” since they are based on false impressions and confused perceptions. “It’s a discussion between materials, reality and virtuality. But, above all BuzziMirage is about creating a little world of its own,” says designer Alain Gilles.

The offset between the arch-shaped mirror and its support creates sense of depth and false impression that a door or window is open. The design combines various materials —a metal or wood arched frame, paired with a glass mirror— to play with depth and light, creating new vanishing points.

BuzziMirage will soon be available in two sizes. The large version is an arched wall mirror that gives the impression that a door is opening towards another world and broader perspective. The small mirror can be placed in the hall to create the illusion of a window, while serving as a catchall tray.

Designed by Alain Gilles