A scalable system to solve high-frequency sound issues

Designed in-house by BuzziSpace Studio, BuzziBaffle was technically engineered to solve some of the toughest acoustic problems. Each panel is made up of a dense black core, enveloped in BuzziFelt, the company’s signature material.

Conceived as a fully scalable system, BuzziBaffle is designed to cover small and large surface areas alike. Hang a few panels over a conference table, or apply the system across the entire ceiling of an expansive office. “The ceiling is one of the best ways to solve an acoustics problem,” explains Daniel Verlooven, Acoustics Ambassador, BuzziSpace. “Hanging panels take advantage unused space and prevent sound from bouncing the surface of the ceiling.”

The modular panel system was designed for maximum performance. Like all BuzziSpace products, BuzziBaffles underwent a rigorous testing process and was vetted by Peutz Consult GmbH, an accredited test laboratory. This commitment to quality design sets BuzziSpace apart.

Adaptable to any space, the panels are available in two styles: BuzziBaffle Straight for a minimal, streamlined look, and BuzziBaffle Wave for added interest and dimensionality with an articulated ripple edge, evoking a dynamic sense of movement.

Designed by BuzziSpace Studio



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